Neptune is a video app for children that involves parents and guardians in the viewing process.

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Neptune Wins Best in Show

The Neptune Team is proud to announce that our application won best in show at the 2016 Genivi partner convention!

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Neptune features entertaining and educational videos from some of the best creators of content. Neptune brings all of those videos into one app and gives parents control over when, where, and how long kids watch.

Made for Parents, Designed for Kids

On Neptune, we close the loop between Parents, Children, and Technology. For kids age 2 – 10, Neptune is where parents can give their children access to curated video stations, control when and where they can watch the videos, then engage in real life through interactive learning lessons, games, and DIY activities.

STEAM Related Stations

  • Educational Stations related to science, technology, engineering, art, and math
  • Learn your child’s strengths and interests ¬†through our analytics
  • Give your child a head start on their education

Relevant Activites

  • Pair activities with your child’s interests
  • Enjoy exciting and educational adventures the whole family can take
  • Receive special offers to make activities fun and accessible

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