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STEM Video Network

Discover a world of videos that help your kids learn

Neptune is a video app for kids that introduces them to a world of fun and educational content while involving parents by giving them remote control.


Our curated stations are specifically compiled to provide STEAM related learning content.

Parental Controls

Manage your child’s content intake through detailed analytics, and remote control of screen time.


Get involved in your child’s learning with activities recommended based on their interests.

STEAM content your child will love

We partner with content creators that are known for their educational and entertainment value.

Stations specially made for your learning child

Our stations are tailor made to augment your child’s learning.  Age, interest, and parental preference all factor into the content your child is presented.

Custom activities based on your child’s interest

Through the Neptune app, parents can view a variety of fun educational activities that they can enjoy with their child.  These activities are based directly on the areas of education that resonate with your child’s interests.

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