Neptune works to close the loop between parents, kids, and technology

The Neptune Philosophy

There are apps we give our kids, but those apps are not made for parents.  Some apps are made for kids and others seem to be made for advertisers.  Neptune is made for parents. Neptune is more than just a video player.  Neptune is curated video stations, parental controls, and interactive learning lessons, games and DIY activities.


Our team

The Neptune team was formed by four original co-founders in Columbus, Ohio with the purpose of providing valuable content to kids, and involving parents in the educational opportunities that technology provides. Following its inception, the Neptune team was invited to participate in the Jagua Land Rover Incubator in Portland, Oregon.

Neptune is now in the App Store.  Download for Free. 

Videos on Neptune


Enjoyable videos about science and technology


Content revealing the natural wonder of our environment


Watch and do awesome arts and crafts projects


Educational songs your kids will love reinforce key concepts


Projects your kids will love and learn from


Videos about the importance of the animal kingdom


Fun math videos teach core concepts that get kids ready for success


Educational videos about building and structure


Fun stories and lessons to teach your kids about language

“Neptune’s curated stations show videos that are mixed with the stuff kids loves and the educational content that parents want their kids to watch.”

-Beta list

“Startup Neptune features videos that are both entertaining and educational, highlighting videos from some of the best content creators in one convenient app. “


“This is so awesome! “


The Neptune Team

Ryan McManus

CEO / Co-founder

Hoa Pyles-McManus

Marketing / Co-founder

Chris Castro

Mobile Developer

Lenny Burkett

UX / Designer

Jared Young

Product Manager

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