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Arbor Day

Arbor Day

Arbor day is a designated day to plant trees and recognize tree’s and their importance.  Arbor Day has been celebrated every year since 1872! That’s a long time! Julius Sterling Morton started Arbor day because he and his wife moved from Detroit to Nebraska and saw the lack of trees in Nebraska’s landscape. Julius used his role as a journalist and editor for Nebraska’s first newspaper, to get other people from the town on board to plant trees of all kinds. On the first Arbor day, the people of Nebraska planted more than one million trees! Arbor day is celebrated in all 50 states and is also celebrated in a few countries around the world like Isreal, South Korea, Iceland, Yugoslavia, and India.

There are companies like the Jonsteen Company that are doing their part of planting more trees. Click here to see the companies video about the history of Arbor day and their commitment to trees.

April 21, 2016

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This year, plan to celebrate Arbor Day in a big way! Let us help you get everything you need—tree seedlings, giveaway items, quotes, music, an official proclamation and more—for a successful event.

Check out these fun Arbor Day celebrations and activities you can do!