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Building Kids Character with Quality Media

Building Kids Character with Quality Media

In this digital age with access to copious amounts of media, it can be hard to know the quality of the media that our kids are interacting with. Media can be hard to manage and not knowing what media your kids are watching can be nerve-racking. With that in mind, are we sure that we know what kinds of characters our kids are watching? Do the characters teach our kids about sympathy/empathy, courage, bravery, confidence, etc.? High-Quality media can be a great learning tool for kids to build strong confident character.  Since there are not good tools to know exactly what your kids have watched the best thing to do to be interactive with your kids while they are watching media. Ask kids questions about the characters and how they would react in a similar situation. This is a time to reinforce your families values.



April 21, 2016

Build Character Strengths with Quality Media

Every parent wants to raise kids with strong character. Grateful, humble, compassionate, brave: We know these strengths lead to improved well-being, better relationships, and sound communities.