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Classic ‘SchoolHouse Rock’ Video

Classic ‘SchoolHouse Rock’ Video

Do you remember the Saturday morning short cartoons “SchoolHouse Rock’? We found a great ‘SchoolHouse Rock’ video from when we were a kid! It’s called ‘Firework’ and it tells the story of the 4th of July. Take a look and see if you remember that video and share with your kids! To discover this video go to the home screen and tap the edit icon (the pencil), scroll to the bottom and toggle on the ‘featured’ station. Enjoy!

July 1, 2017

Firework by SchoolHouse Rock

“Fireworks” is a Schoolhouse Rock! segment, featuring a song of the same title written by Lynn Ahrens. The segment debuted as part of “America Rock”, the third season of the Schoolhouse Rock series, in 1975. The song was performed by Grady Tate. It is about the Declaration of Independence and the reasons behind America’s 4th of July celebration.

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