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Co-Viewing with Your Kids

Co-Viewing with Your Kids

Co-viewing may be a term that you may have never heard before. Co-viewing is watching any show on a TV, iPad, or any other device with kids. Co-viewing is important because it keeps caregivers in the loop of the types of content that kids are watching. This way if your kids are watching something you don’t approve of, you can explain to them why they shouldn’t be watching that content. Co-viewing¬†also allows kids to ask questions about what they are seeing and hearing. These questions can turn into great teaching moments for your kids and you might learn something in the process as well! Win-win for everyone!


May 3, 2017

Co-Viewing with Kids

When you co-view television with your kids, you can help them sort out what they see and hear while watching programs. You help them understand the information they receive.