Dear Parents,

We are working on something for you and your family.  Neptune is a place made for families where videos help kids learn and Neptune brings families together.   Let us first tell you why we created Neptune.  You see, we are parents too and we realize that technology is going to be a major part of our kids lives.  We don’t want them to fall behind so we give them technology.  Of course . . .  they love it!  Then they “over-love-it”.

So we take it away. . .  and the cycle continues.

There are apps we give our kids, but those apps are not made for parents.  Some apps are made for kids and others seem to be made for advertisers.  Neptune is made for parents. Neptune is more than just a video player.  Neptune is curated video stations, parental controls, and interactive learning lessons, games and DIY activities.

If you have a child under the age of 10, then we have something to share with you.  Very soon we will be introducing a new video network for kids that will help them learn while watching their favorite videos.  We have some pretty great technology behind it all and its meant to help you engage with your children.

If you want to be involved with your children’s online learning and you have 1 hour per week available to spend with your kids doing interactive activities, please enter your email to the form below and request an invitation.  We have a limited number of spaces available in our trial.  Preference will be given to families that live in Portland, OR or Columbus, OH.

~ The Neptune Team