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Neptune’s Blacklist of Youtube channels

Neptune’s Blacklist of Youtube channels

Neptune’s Blacklist of Youtube channels

Junk content out there on Youtube is a problem. Pushing of junk food, unboxing, toys, and deceptive ads are running rampant on YouTube. We embrace technology as a family and understand that it is here to stay. Why not take advantage of it? We saw how our daughters watched videos and learned English. We made Neptune out of need as parents. We want our kids to know how to use technology as a tool for learning. We teach them about being a responsible viewer and we co-view with our kids regularly. But there are lots of parents out there that don’t know what content their kids are watching and video apps don’t give you insights to your kids viewing habits. 

Neptune gives you analytics on what your child is watching and how long they have watched. Another awesome feature that we built into Neptune the is remote control feature. In real time you can see what your child is watching from your device and have the ability to pause, skip, or lock content.

We are tired of all of the junk content out there and have comprised a “blacklist”. These are some of the most popular channels on youtube and coin themselves as “educational”, “fun”, or “interactive”, but that is just not true. Have you seen the latest news about the family that was bullying one of their children and now have gotten all of their children taken away? 

Here is a short list. Do you have channels you can’t stand that push toys, junk food, or inappropriate behavior? Let us know and we will review the channel and add it to the list. Let’s put these channels on blast! This is just a short list and we will continue to add to it. 

The Blacklist

Fun Kid toon

Sparkle Spice

Come Play With Me

Toys Unlimited

Cookie Swirls C

Disney Toy review

Ryan’s toy review



Hailey’s Magical Playhouse

Naiah and Elli Toys show

Kids’ toy channel