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News Sources for Kids

News Sources for Kids

Sometimes what kids see or hear on the news can be scary or confusing. But keeping kids informed with that is going on in the world is important. News helps kids gain insight into how others live around the world. News also makes kids well rounded and keeps them informed on the world around them.

Giving your child reliable sources of news is important as well as watching or reading the news with your kids and explaining to them what is going on. Reliable news sources help kids decipher between what is real and fake news. This can be hard to see what is real and which is fake nowadays with all of the different ways we receive news. We want to give you the tools to give your kids access to news catered to them. We love the list that Common Sense Media compiled. What other news sources do you share with your kids? Leave us a comment!

April 5, 2017

Best News Sources for Kids

Kids want to know about current events, but adult news shows and sites can sometimes be scary, overwhelming, or even boring for a young audience. The websites and apps on this list offer stories of interest to kids and make serious events more digestible. If kids are seeking information about news that’s potentially upsetting, it’s always a good idea to discuss the issue together and get some reassurance or guidance. Breaking news also can be tough on kids, since facts can change quickly and sometimes initial reporting is wrong or off track. Parents can use these kid-friendly sources as a jumping-off point to discuss how news is reported and how to be a critical media consumer. Also, help kids understand how to identify legitimate news sources and avoid stuff that’s too partisan or even completely fake. Encourage your kids to find out what’s happening in the world!