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The Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse


Have you heard?! There is going to be a Solar Eclipse on August 21st! NO WAY! We hope that you got your Solar glasses early because I have seen people on FaceBook scouring for a pair. But there are alternative to the glasses that you can make at home easily with a cereal box and aluminum foil. A fun activity you can do together!

We also loved the Podcast our friends at Brains on! put together all about the Solar Eclipse. If you haven’t checked out their science Podcast for kids yet, it is a must!!

Remember to not look directly at the sun even though it seems to be dimmed. Looking at the sun can cause blindness and a whole host of other issues. Check out Solar Eclipse celebrations in your town, some places are handing out glasses at these events.


August 18, 2017



Whether you are prepping to watch the Solar Eclipse this August {or in 2024}, learn about moon phases, or explore the sun, we have some fun resources for you to check out! Our solar eclipse STEM activities for kids will help prep you for the big day and have some fun leading up to it. Engage kids all year long with cool science and STEM activities.


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