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Watermelon Day!

Watermelon Day!

Watermelon is a summer treat that is both healthy and delicious! Watermelon has been around for thousands of years. It originated in Africa and the Egyptians even documented watermelons in their hieroglyphics.

Did you know that watermelon is considered both a fruit and a vegetable?

Watermelon keeps us hydrated (important during the summer months!) and is packed full of vitamin B6 (brain power), vitamin A (good for the eyes), and potassium (heart healthy). It also keeps our skin looking nice and help the kidneys get rid of toxins.

China produces the most watermelons in the world! And there are about 1200 varieties. The largest watermelon ever grown weighed in at 268.8 pounds!

So go grab a delicious watermelon cut it open and share this short video with your kids about watermelons and do some watermelon activities together!

August 3, 2017


Here are some of our favorite watermelon crafts and activities for kids. I love how many of them are so simple to set up–summer should be simple and fun!

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